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Brookfield AMETEK

Peanut Butter (creamy vs crunchy)


A peanut spread that can be found in sandwiches, desserts and candies. It can also be paired with fruits and vegetables or eaten plain by the spoonful.

Test Equipment

  • R/S+ SST2000
  • Vanes: V3-40-20 and V3-20-10
  • Software Rheo3000
  • Test Program: SST Modulus for 30 seconds, speed 0.5 RPM

* While a particular model/version may be used as an example in this method, any current or past model/version from the same series may also be used. Please consult a sales associate to discuss the most current instrumentation and software available.

Test Method

Figure 1 shows two peanut butters, a creamy smooth and a “normal” crunchy (with small peanut pieces). Note that the creamy sample had a much lower yield value (1,011 Pa) than the standard crunchy (12,301 Pa).

Figure 1

Rheo3000 also calculates the modulus (slope of the curve). In this example, the modulus for the creamy peanut butter was ~2800 Pa, while the much stiffer crunchy peanut butter was ~5800 Pa.

The SST2000 therefore gives two numbers (modulus and yield value) in a 60 second test which can easily classify stiff, highly viscous fluids.