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TC-550 (Water Bath)

Circulating, Refrigerated Water Bath

Product Description

TC-550 Water Bath

Why control temperature for viscosity measurement? Detecting changes in your sample's properties is valuable information for predicting your product's performance. Temperature control during viscosity measurement helps ensure accurate test results. What makes the TC-550 stand out from the rest? It measures directly in the bath and operates in standalone mode.


Controller features
MX Series SD Series AP Series
Economical Best Value Total touch screen interface
Large character display Programmable with PC control using Rheocalc Software Standalone programmable
Single speed pump 2 speed pump Variable speed pump
Maximum temperature up to 135°C Quick scroll to set temperature in standalone mode PC control with Rheocalc Software
  Maximum temperature up to 170°C Maximum temperature up to 200°C
    Multiple languages
    Built in help menu

Features & Benefits

  • Provides standalone operation - no tap water required
  • Easy control of set-point
  • Configured to measure viscosity directly in the bath - accommodates 600 mL beaker
  • Programmable Controller version is designed to automate sample temperature control
  • Built-in circulator pumps to external devices


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