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Powder Flow Tester

Powder Flow Tester for quick and easy powder flow analysis

Product Description

Powder Flow Tester

The Brookfield PFT Powder Flow Tester delivers quick and easy analysis of powder flow behavior in industrial processing equipment. It is ideal for manufacturers who process powders daily and want to minimize or eliminate downtime and expense that can occur when hoppers discharge erratically or fail to discharge altogether.


  • Minimize or eliminate downtime and expense
  • Compact design - easily fits on workbench
  • Choice of Test Options:
    • Flow Function
    • Time Consolidation Test with Flow Function
    • Wall Friction
  • Data Output:
    • Flow Index
    • Arching Dimension
    • Rat-hole Diameter
    • Hopper Half Angle
    • Gravity Chute (Wall Friction) Angle
    • Bulk Density Curve
  • Choice of Flow Function Tests:
    • Demo (under 10 minutes)
    • Standard
  • Shearing Algorithm Captures:
    • Peak Stress Value
    • Subsequent Stable Stress Value
    • Recognizes "Slip Stick" Materials


Learn how the Model PFT can help reduce problematic problems in your powder process by watching this quick
five minute video.