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Brookfield AMETEK

Touch Screen Technology

Brookfield has created the most advanced user experience in viscosity measurement by combining the ease of touch screen technology with the world-standard features of our series of DV-II Viscometers and DV-III Rheometers. The result: a sleek new way to quickly and reliably measure viscosity with our new generation of Brookfield DV2T Viscometers and DV3T Rheometers.

A modern 5-inch color touch screen guides DV2T users through test creation and data gathering analysis for fast and easy viscosity measurements. The DV2T also offers new programming capabilities and results analysis including data averaging and QC limits with alarms. User instructions with multi-step protocols can be created on PC based software and uploaded to the DV2T through a USB Flash Drive. Test data can be printed directly on a local printer or sent to a PC. The new interface also provides customizable user levels with password access for compliance with regulatory requirements such as 21 CFR Part 11.

The Brookfield DV3T Rheometer offers all the capabilities of the DV2T but with even more powerful tools. The 7-inch touch screen conveniently displays viscosity measurement with temperature control, yield stress determination, and on screen data graphing and analysis. This fully automated instrument also allows for quick and easy single point test capability. The DV3T is definitely the complete "all in one" choice for R&D departments as well as busy QC labs.

The introduction of these two instrument lines allow Brookfield to offer the most advanced user experience in viscosity measurement while maintaining the high standard of quality from Brookfield's traditional line of Viscometers/Rheometers. It's the same Brookfield you've always relied on... just in a whole new technological light!