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Calibration & Certification

Recognize these? If you are using either a Thermosel accessory or Helipath Stand accessory, please click here to read important information BEFORE you return your instrumentation.

Laboratory Instruments

Brookfield AMETEK recommends our annual Calibration & Certification Service (C&CS) for your laboratory instruments to ensure optimum operating conditions. We can perform this service on site at your facility or you can return your instrument to our Repair Department or to any authorized Brookfield Dealer.

Our Service Department will inspect for wear perform a cleaning and adjustment of the internal mechanisms, replace pivot support and pointer shaft (if required) and straighten spindles (if required). We calibrate and certify (in writing) that your instrument is operating within proper Brookfield specifications. This certification states that your instrument has been calibrated with standards which are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). We will automatically remind you when it is time to perform the next annual Calibration & Certification Service. If your instrument has required more than an annual service in the past due in part to excessive use and/or use by multiple operators, you should consider purchasing our Ball Bearing Retrofit option for increased viscometer/rheometer durability. Your viscosity standard fluids, which should be replaced on an annual basis, can also be ordered at this time.

For Texture Analyzers, we also inspect for wear, clean, adjust and lubricate internal mechanisms, and adjust, if necessary, the zero and span for proper load cell performance. Certified calibration weights can also be purchased for your texture analyzer.

Pricing for calibration and certification services may vary depending on the instrument. Please call us for detailed pricing information.

Loan Instruments are available from Brookfield at a nominal fee should you need a temporary replacement while yours is in for service. The following instruments are available:

Rush Repair Service

As an alternative to requesting a loan viscometer, we offer expediting services to get your instrument back to you as soon as possible. The following services are available:

  • One-day Service (not available for CAP and cone/plate series viscometers)
  • Two-day Service

Additional charges will apply; please call for details.

Rush Service Policy: Days refer to normal Brookfield operations (Monday through Friday) and exclude Saturdays, Sundays and Brookfield holidays. Service time starts from the day we receive the item for service.

What You Must Do in the United States

Decide whether you would like to send your instrument back to our facility for service or if you would like to have your instrument serviced on-site at your facility.

If you decide to return your instrument to Brookfield:

  1. Please call our Repair Department at 800-628-8139 for a Return Authorization Number.
  2. Download our Laboratory Return Form
  3. Follow the packaging instructions on the back of the Laboratory Return Form carefully.
  4. Fill in all required information on the form.
  5. Return the form with the instrument that is being shipped for C&CS Service.

If you are interested in on-site service, please visit our on-site service page for more information.

Not sure which service you need? Wed be happy to help you determine the best option depending on your needs. Please call us by phone (800-628-8139) or email us if you have any questions regarding our Calibration and Certification Service.

What You Must Do Outside the United States

Contact us or an authorized Brookfield dealer.

Process Instruments

You may return your Process Viscometer to Brookfield for our repair and calibration service. Alternatively, you may schedule us to visit your facility and perform on-site repair and calibration. Contact Claude Schlieff at x103 to discuss details and obtain pricing information.