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Texture Day Practical Course Registration Form

Our 80 years of physical testing experience at Brookfield combined with knowledge acquired from the Stevens Gelatin Tester allow us to offer technical training courses designed to meet your method development and application needs. The instructors are just like you - everyday users of texture instrumentation with the hands-on and theoretical knowledge to help you with your most important concerns.

Our experienced technical staff will show you techniques, methods and industry know-how to help you get the most from your Brookfield Texture Analyzer. Whether you are considering a texture analyzer, or are a first-time user or even an experienced lab technician looking to better understand texture analysis, we provide relevant, customized courses to assist you.

In this course, you will learn to:

  • Learn what to consider when developing a test method
  • Confirm that you are performing your texture testing correctly
  • Enhance your knowledge of texture analysis principles
  • Identify new opportunities for improving your test methods
  • Learn how to easily check the calibration of your texture analyzer
  • Review accessories available for improving your methods and making testing easier

Training Course Content

Principle of Texture Analysis:

  • Correlation to sensory perception
  • Texture profile analysis (TPA)

Considerations for Successful Instrumental Measurements:

  • Sample considerations
  • Test method considerations
  • Instrument considerations

Overview of Accessories and Their Applications:

  • When should you use special accessories or probes to test your sample?

Texture Analyzers:

  • Simple, bench-top tests
  • Continuous data acquisition with software
  • Data analysis calculations

Training materials and a certificate of attendance is given to each attendee. Included is a copy of Professor Malcolm Bourne's latest book, "Food Texture and Viscosity, Concept and Measurement".

Attendees may bring samples to the course for discussion and testing if appropriate: please notify us in advance if you wish to do so.

Course Schedule

THIS COURSE IS BEING OFFERED FREE OF CHARGE ON MARCH 10 IN ANAHEIM, CA for those who register for the March 11 Practical Course. Should you wish to attend this special Texture class only, the fee is $50.00/company for up to three people. SEE SPECIAL REGISTRATION FOR MARCH 10 CLASS.

Please contact Eric Chiang (Phone: 508-946-6200 x7221) for upcoming dates and locations.

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