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I.Q.O.Q.P.Q. Validation

We offer three approaches for achieving IQ, OQ, PQ validation compliance for our pharmaceutical customers.

  1. The first is a free, abbreviated document you may download for Dial, DV-E or our digital series Viscometers. These documents provide an outline of how to set up, check the operation of, and perform a calibration check on your viscometer.
  2. Purchase a more detailed, explanatory document describing exactly how to perform the procedures outlined in the free document.
Document Name Title Revision Date # Pages
3Qs001 DV-I+ Viscometer 10/28/02 18
3Qs006 Dial Viscometer (brief - free document) 11/22/02 3
3Qs008 Digital Viscometer (brief - free document) 11/22/02 3
3Qs013 DV-E Viscometer 05/12/03 18
3Qs007 DV-E Viscometer (brief - free document) 11/22/02 3
3Qs033 DV-I Prime Cone-Plate Viscometer 8/30/07 18
3Qs032 DV-I Prime Viscometer 8/30/07 18
3Qs028 DV-II+ Pro Cone-Plate Viscometer 5/23/07 18
3Qs002 DV-II+ Pro Viscometer 01/11/06 18
3QS019 DV-III Ultra CP Rheometer 05/17/07 21
3Qs018 DV-III Ultra Rheometer 08/01/05 21
3Qs003 DV-III+ Programmable Rheometer 10/28/02 19
3Qs031 LFRA Texture Analyzer (BEL model) 1/10/06 15
3Qs030 LFRA Texture Analyzer (CNS model) 9/14/04 15
3Qs040 QTS Texture Analyzer 8/17/06 17
3Qs005 Rheocalc v2.3 Software 10/28/02 14
3Qs025 Rheocalc v2.6 Software 5/25/05 14
3Qs035 Rheocalc v2.7 Software 3/8/06 14
3Qs045 Rheocalc v3.1 Software 3/11/07 14
3Qs015 Rheocalcv2.4 Software 05/24/04 14
3Qs023 RSCC with Appendix A Coax & Appendix B 07/02/07 23
3Qs020 RSCPS with Appendix A Cone & Appendix B 07/02/07 26
3Qs010 TC-101D Circulating Bath 12/09/02 16
3Qs021 TC-102D Circulating Bath 03/08/05 16
3Qs011 TC-201D Circulating Bath 02/12/03 16
3Qs022 TC-202D Circulating Bath 05/25/05 16
3Qs012 TC-501D Circulating Bath 03/21/03 16
3Qs009 TC-501P Circulating Bath 10/28/02 16
3Qs014 TC-502D Circulating Bath 12/22/03 16
3Qs024 TC-502P Circulating Bath 12/20/04 17
3Qs017 TC-602D Circulating Bath 12/22/04 16
3Qs027 TC-602P Circulating Bath 10/6/06 16
3Qs026 TexturePro v2.1 Software   14
3Qs004 Wingather v2.1 Software 11/21/02 14
3Qs016 YR-1 Yield Rheometer 07/03/07 18

  1. The most comprehensive approach to validation/qualification is to request an on-site visit by a Brookfield Representative to conduct the validation visit and complete the form for you.

We recommend that you first download and review the free document from our Website. Then, if necessary, purchase the appropriate document from our Customer Service Department. After reviewing this document, if you still feel that you would like a Brookfield Representative to visit your site for this service, please let us know, and we will schedule a visit.