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for limited sample volume

Product Description

DIN Adapter Accessory

The DIN Adapter Accessory (DAA) is a cylindrical spindle geometry that conforms to the DIN 53019 specification. Three spindles and three chambers are provided. The DAA can be attached to any standard Brookfield Laboratory Viscometer/Rheometer.

Features & Benefits

  • Complies with DIN 53019 requirements for test geometry. DIN is the German equivalent to the U.S. ASTM Standards.
  • Designed to provide an alternative for those customers having limited sample volume. Requires 16 mL to 20 mL sample size.
  • Cylindrical geometry provides defined shear rates.
  • Comes with three spindles and two chambers for measurement range of 1 to 50,000 cP.
Din Adapter

EZ-Lock Option**

The DIN Adapter is also available to purchase with an EZ-Lock spindle couple system. This option allows spindles to be quickly attached and removed, and may also help prevent against damage that can occur from frequent spindle changes or multiple users. Please contact Brookfield or an authorized dealer for additional details and part numbers.

Existing Din Adapters can also be retrofitted. Please contact Brookfield or an authorized dealer for details and part numbers.

**Note: The EZ-Lock option must be purchased for use with all "EXTRA" series Viscometers/Rheometers as well as all other instruments that have an EZ-Lock spindle coupling system.

EZ-Lock Option


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