Brookfield AMETEK

Ball Bearing Retrofit

“This is great news. I have been using (testing) the ball bearing system in one of our viscometers for over a year now. I think it works very well. It has increased the time between servicing drastically. Our operators use the viscometers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and the ball bearing suspension system is the only system that has been able to stay in calibration for one full year.”

-Ralph Hadley, Colgate Palmolive

Brookfield AMETEK has designed a new, more durable ball bearing suspension system that can be purchased as an option for new viscometers and rheometers as well as a retrofit on your current instrument! This new suspension replaces the traditional pivot point and jewel system and is designed for use in busy work areas where instruments experience exceptionally heavy use and/or have multiple operators.

This retrofit is available for DV-I Prime, DV-II+Pro Viscometers, or DV-III Ultra Rheometers, including Cone/Plate versions, in the torque ranges RV, HA, and HB. It is not available for instruments in the LV torque range.

To return your instrument for a Ball Bearing Retrofit, please download our new Repair Return Form or e-mail/call for instructions on how to return your instrument.

The cost to retrofit your instrument with the ball bearing suspension, which includes our Calibration and Certification Service is $500. For Cone/Plate instruments, add $85 for calibration of each cone spindle.

This service can also be performed at your facility by our Onsite Technicians for an additional On-Site Service charge.