Brookfield AMETEK

EZ-Lock Spindle Coupling

Product Description

Quick Lock

Technicians can more safely change spindles in much less time with this innovative spindle coupling design. This spring-loaded sleeve design is perfect for the busy lab and/or multiple user environments.

How does it work? Simply attach the EZ-Lock Spindle Coupling to a spindle (see insert above) and then slide the spring-loaded knurled sleeve up. Insert the spindle and then slide the sleeve back down. That's it! Changing spindles has never been quicker or easier...making this the perfect option for multiple testing environments.

The EZ-Lock System can be purchased as an option when ordering new instruments with standard spindles, including DV-I Prime and DV2T Viscometers and DV3T Ultra Rheometer.

EZ-Lock Retrofit

EZ-Lock is also available for use with your favorite Brookfield accessories such as Thermosel, Small Sample Adapter, Enhanced UL Adapter, UL Adapter, and DIN Adapter. Special brackets are required to accommodate the length of the EZ-Lock system.