Brookfield AMETEK


Brookfield enjoys a world wide reputation for accuracy, repeatability, reliability, and quality - all at an affordable price.


Ease of use, flexibility, reliable performance and quality of service have made Brookfield Viscometers favorites all over the world. From our simple-to-use analog, to our more sophisticated, versatile DV-II+ Pro, there is sure to be a viscometer for your application and budget.


To measure viscosity at a controlled shear rate, or at a controlled shear stress or to make a direct yield stress measurement, Brookfield has a rheometer to meet your requirement, ranging from the easy-to-use in production control and Q.C to the more sophisticated in R&D.

Texture Analysis

The CT3 Texture Analyzer is a low cost, but powerful, texture analyzer that offers both compression and tension. With six test modes, a wide choice of accessories and an optional software package, the CT3 performs like a high end texture analyzer but at a fraction of the cost.

Powder Flow Tester

Powder Flow Tester provides quick and easy analysis of powder flow behavior in industrial processing equipment such as hoppers/silos.

Viscosity Standards

Brookfield Viscosity Standards are essential to verify calibration of your viscometer or rheometer. From silicone to mineral oil, there is a variety of fluids available to meet almost any requirement.


Brookfield's extensive line of accessories will increase the functionality of your viscometer/rheometer. Whether it's small sample, size, low viscosity fluids, high temperature control, or paste-like materials, our accessories ensure that the measurements you need to make are accomplished.


Brookfield applications software is available to automate data collection and, in some cases, automate control of our line of digital viscometers/rheometers. All Brookfield software runs on MS-Windows operating systems.