Brookfield AMETEK

Powder Flow Pro

For the PFT Powder Flow Tester

Product Description

Powder Flow Pro

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Powder Flow Pro software (for use with PFT Powder Flow Tester) allows provides choice of test types and screen captures as well as automatic flow curves.

Features & Benefits *

  • Main screen provides choice of basic tests:
    • Flow Function
    • Wall Friction
    • Time Consolidated Flow Function
    • Bulk Density
  • Stress data output screen captures "normal stress" and "shear stress" values and plots data in graphical format (calculates Mohr Circle Failure Loci).
  • Flow Function curves are automatically calculated and displayed at the end of each test with overlay capability for up to eight different sample tests.

*Features & Benefits listed relate to versions beginning with 3.1; earlier versions of Rheocalc may not perform all the features listed.

Computer Requirements

  • 2GHz processor with 512 MB of RAM and 30 MB hard drive space available
  • 1024x768 video resolution with 128 MB of graphics memory, Windows XP or Vista with one USB or RS-232 port.