Brookfield AMETEK

Rheo Loader

For the DV-III Ultra Rheometer

Product Description

Rheo Loader

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Rheoloader (for use with the DV-III Ultra Rheometer allows for the creation of customized test programs used in data collection. This exclusive Brookfield software program is supplied with the DV-III Ultra Rheometer for automatic, comprehensive viscosity tests.

Features & Benefits

  • Programs can be created, saved, printed, and downloaded to the rheometer
  • Great for Quality Control environments - programs can be created and downloaded by a QC supervisor to be later run by operators for consistency every time
  • Created programs can:
    • Wait on key events (such as a pre-set % torque level)
    • Control instrument speed (shear rate) or temperature (Rheoloader ONLY & with an optional temperature controller attached)
    • Select the spindle in use
    • Select variable data collection intervals (print intervals)
    • Print customized messages for user interaction
  • Rheoloader supports up to 50 steps (commands)

Computer Requirements

  • Pentium PC, 500 mHz (faster PC recommended)
  • MS-Windows NT, 2000, XP
  • VGA/SVGA graphics
  • RS-232 port for rheometer
  • Parallel port/USB for printer