Brookfield AMETEK

Texture Pro

For the QTS-25 Texture Analyzer

Product Description

Texture Pro

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Automate your texture profile analysis with TexturePro Software. This unique software harnesses the power of Microsoft® Excel to calculate a full range of texture related parameters. Customized formulas, data analysis and real time graphics are embedded in this powerful yet easy-to-use program. Familiar Microsoft Windows look and feel shortens the learning curve - become proficient in just a few minutes!

Features & Benefits

  • Simple texture parameters selection - no complicated macros
  • Simplifies repetitive sample testing and provides immediate comparison profiles
  • Comprehensive, automated sample testing and report generation, including statistics
  • Large number of established texture parameters available for automatic calculation with full explanation given via hot-button help files
  • User-defined calculations can be added to provide even more flexibility
  • Charting analysis features - use markers to analyze a segment of the data: calculate area, mean, and gradient (modulus); option to "Zoom" in on key areas of interest
  • Simple cut-and-paste between any MS Office products to produce professional reports
  • Extensive Help and Application notes available

Computer Requirements

  • 800 MHz or better Pentium processor
  • 500 mB free hard disk space
  • 128 mB RAM
  • MS Windows 98 or greater
  • MS Office or MS Office XP installed
  • CD ROM drive