Brookfield AMETEK


for use with DV-II+ PRO, Programmable DV-II+ and DV-II+ Digital Viscometers

Product Description


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This data collection and graphing software provides an easy means to gather tabular data, graph and plot data and create permanent test records for analysis.

Features & Benefits *

  • DVLoader software for use with the DV-II+ PRO and Programmable DV-II+ now built right in
  • New ability to work with DV-I Prime
  • New ability to communicate to more than four COM ports with v3.0
  • New Plot component with a second Y axis provides more plotting and display options, including online plotting during data collection
  • New user-friendly interface with menus, toolbars and dockage control windows which can be resized and moved to create a custom display
  • Automates data collection
  • Eliminates operator error when recording data
  • Provides instantaneous viscosity flow curves (rheograms) on easy-to-read graphs
  • Creates a permanent record of each test
  • Data set size limited only by available disk space
  • Comparison data sets can be manually entered
  • Up to 5 data sets may be plotted simultaneously
  • Plot data available: % Torque, RPM, Viscosity, Shear Rate, Shear Stress, Temperature, Time
  • Yield Stress Calculations (Bingham Plastic, Casson, Chocolate Casson), Power Law Consistency Index Calculations, Paste Analysis
  • Graphical and numerical display of measurement range for a selected spindle
  • On-line help system

*Features & Benefits listed relate to versions beginning with 3.0; earlier versions of Wingather may not perform all the features listed.

Data Collection Modes

Timed Stop
Data points are continuously taken at the operator defined time interval
Timed Torque
Data points are continuously taken at operator defined time interval until the operator defined % torque value is reached
Spring Relax
Data points are continuously taken at operator defined time interval as the spindle unwinds in a sample
A data point is taken when the operator changes viscometer speed
A data point is taken upon a user button click
Collect All Data
All incoming data from the viscometer is collected

Computer Requirements

  • Pentium PC, 500 mHz (faster PC recommended)
  • MS-Windows NT, 2000, XP
  • VGA/SVGA graphics
  • RS-232 port for rheometer; an optional second port needed for temperature control
  • Parallel port/USB for printer